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"Can I customize a package?"

If our standard packages don't meet your needs, we can customize one just for you.  Send us an email detailing your specific requirements, and we'll create a custom package that fits.  The custom package minimum for any location is $120.

"Do you shoot in my area?"

We serve areas within a 40 mile radius of Hatfield, PA (zip code: 19440).  A travel fee of $50 applies beyond 30 miles from Hatfield, PA.  Any distance beyond 40 miles will be billed at $1 per mile from Hatfield, PA. Distance is measured in a straight line, not driving miles.  If you have a property outside of this area please contact us directly for a custom rate.

"When will I get my photos?"

We deliver your real estate photos 1 business day after your shoot.  We deliver your headshots 3 business days after your photoshoot.  If either shoot is done on a Saturday or Sunday, we'll need one extra business day to deliver your photos.

"How can I get the most out of my real estate photos?"

1. Thoroughly clean the whole house and declutter countertops, desktops, etc.


2. Stowe away all hygiene items from bathrooms (tooth paste, shampoo, brushes, etc.).


3. Replace all burned out light bulbs (make sure all light bulbs are the same color).


4. Turn ON all lights and lamps! Turn OFF all ceiling fans, TVs, and computer screens.


5. Remove all small area rugs to reveal flooring.


6. Open blinds & window treatments to let in natural light.


7. Remove cars from driveway & in front of home.  Close the garage doors!


8. Remove any clutter (toys, tools, hoses) from the yard.


9. Landscaping - mow lawn, trim shrubs, fill planters with fresh plants.


10. Remove any trash cans from view.

"How does the Referral Program work?"

1. Tell agents about us!!


2. Send us an email with the name or names : ) of the agents you are referring.


3. When the new agent books a package, you both become eligible for an upgrade.


4. When you are ready to use your upgrade - let us know!


5. Book the cheaper package and we will upgrade it to the next one up.


6. You can save your upgrades and combine them - upgrade to an extra level.


7. Your upgrades never expire.

Referral Program
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